All results across the school have been either inline or above national for the past three years.

* All key performance indicators for Year 6 pupil outcomes have been above national averages for 2016-18. In 2016 the school was the highest performing school in the cluster.

* Results in EYFS were above national in 2014,16&17 and in line for 2018.

* Year 1 phonics screening results have been above national average for the last four years (2015-18).

* KS1 results have been above national average in reading, writing and maths for the past three years (2016-18). In 2015 results were above national average in reading and writing with maths in line.

On conversion to an academy on 1st November 2017 the school became a ‘new school’. Published data can be found by following this link.


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