We welcome all children to our school and provide for their needs whether these are medical or health related, a physical need, a social or emotional need or a need in relation to a child’s learning. Children who already have a statement or Education Health Care Plan are welcomed and we work together with parents/carers and all agencies to provide what the child needs.

Our Teaching, Learning and Assessment policy sets out our principles for day to day teaching and what is expected to happen in each classroom. Assessment of all children is a regular part of good teaching and all teachers plan to meet the needs of the children in their class. Should it become clear that a child has a need which may be additional to or different from others, or that a child is not making the progress which we would expect for their age and stage, advice is sought from the SENDCo (Mr Wells) or from other agencies, as appropriate, and parents/carers.

Please see below for a copy of this year’s SEND Information Report.

SEN information report Nov 2023

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