Welcome to our staff team at Trinity Academy Richmond.


Mr S. Robson

Deputy Headteacher

Miss L. Hodges,  Leader of Teaching and Curriculum

Early Years Foundation Stage

Mrs K. Duncan  Nursery Teacher

Mrs E. Kelly Nursery Teacher

Mrs A. Stewart, Reception Teacher

Mrs H. Bowler ATA, Nursery

Mrs C. Lincoln GTA, Nursery

Miss S. Lang GTA, Nursery

Mrs F. Aston GTA,  Reception

Mrs M. Bogojevic GTA, Reception

Mrs J. Smith GTA,  Reception

Key Stage 1

Mrs K. Weighell   Y2 Teacher

Mrs D. Fidler Y1 Teacher

Mrs L. Dickens, GTA

Mrs B. Owens ATA

Mrs N. Green GTA

Mrs J. Heyes GTA

Miss J. Hustwick GTA

Key Stage 2

Mr R. Wells Y5/6 Teacher, SENCo

Mrs J Jackson Y4/5 Teacher

Mrs L. Foxwell  Y3/4 Teacher

Mrs J.Young Y3/4 Teacher

Miss P. Birdsall GTA/ATA

Mrs K. Clements GTA

Mrs S. Botting GTA

Miss R. Jones GTA

Specialist Staff

Mrs K. Partridge Pupil Support Adviser

Administration Staff

Mrs D. Middlemiss, School Administrator

Lunchtime Staff

Mrs S. Stephenson Cook

Miss N. Gorman Kitchen Assistant

Mrs K. Clements MSA

Mrs N. Fluen-Green MSA

Mrs S. Greenwood MSA

Mrs P. Langford MSA

Mrs C. Randell MSA

Mrs E. Taylor MSA

Caretaker and Cleaning Staff

Vacancy Caretaker

Mrs S. Lincoln Cleaning Staff

Mr A. Walker Cleaning Staff

Mrs L. Stephenson Cleaning Staff