Trinity Tots

Trinity Tots strives to achieve the highest standard of pedagogy to meet the needs and interests of each 2-3 year old through exploration and first hand experiences. Children are guided and encouraged to learn and develop through holistic play, allowing them to achieve their full potential within our safe, happy and loving learning environment. Staff are quick to form positive, trusting relationships with the children, who scaffold the learning for each unique child, according to their interests.

Trinity Tots focuses on natural resources to allow the children to play and learn using resources from the world around them. Learning experiences are planned for through in the moment observations of the children, to ensure that all individuals thrive in a positive learning and nurturing environment.

Positive relationships with parents and families supports the success of the children at Trinity Tots and sharing the responsibility of educating the children with families is such a privilege.

We are able to accommodate 12 children in a session at Trinity Tots. Session timings are:

8:50am -11:50am morning session

12:20pm – 3:20pm afternoon session

8:50am -2:50pm full day.  Lunch can be provided at an additional cost or children can bring their own packed lunch.

Sessions are £12, or those eligible can use the 15 hours two year old funding.

Morning and afternoon sessions can be extended by half an hour. Extending the morning session to 12:20 pm gives the children the opportunity to experience school meals and the social aspect of eating meals together. Extending the afternoon session to 3:20pm allows parents to collect at a later time in line with end of school day which can help when siblings are to be collected too

The cost for the additional half an hour is £3. Those wishing to extending the morning session need to provide either a packed lunch or a school dinner can be purchased for £1.80.

Visits to Trinity Tots are warmly welcome and encouraged. Application to join Trinity Tots need to be made directly with the school. There is an initial registration fee of £25 which includes a drawstring bag and water bottle with the school logo on.