All our children, in Reception to Year 6, are required to wear a uniform at all times

Main uniform

A plain red sweatshirt, cardigan or jumper (School logo optional)

A plain white polo shirt or shirt

Grey trousers or shorts (in warm weather)

Grey skirt or tartan grey kilt/pinafore

Red and white checked summer dress (in warm weather)

Grey socks or tights

Early Years (Reception and Nursery)

We recommend that pupils wear plain red sweatshirts, grey trousers, grey jogging bottoms/grey shorts and plain white or red polo shirts as outdoor learning is an essential element of the Early Years curriculum. Reception pupils will follow the school’s PE uniform (see below). Uniform is not compulsory for Nursery aged children. However, all Early Years pupils should have a spare outdoor coat, water-proof trousers and wellingtons at all times throughout the year.


All black school shoes (no open toes)

All black training shoes

All black boots (no UGG style, suede or soft boots)

Wellingtons (in snow – pupils can change into PE shoes when in school on these occasions)

PE Kit

Plain white t shirt or polo shirt

Black shorts

Plain black jogging trousers and sweatshirt/tracksuit top (particularly for outdoor PE)

Plimsolls or trainers

Appropriate equipment for specific elements of PE (eg shin pads, football boots)


Long shoulder length hair must be tied back for hygiene and health and safety reasons (all pupils)

No braids or clip on extensions (unless for cultural reasons)

Simple head bands, bobbles and hair ties only

Hair styles should be sensible and appropriate for school (no shaven lines or latest fashions – reviewed at the headteachers discretion)


A watch can be worn (smart watches are not allowed), but must be removed for PE

Small, simple ear studs only (these must be removed in PE)

No other jewellery or accessories except for religious or medical reasons

Make up, nail varnish or transfers must not be worn

Sunglasses can be worn (it is parents responsibility to ensure that sunglasses provide adequate sun protection)

Uniform can be purchased from any of the following;

SchoolShop (for items with a logo) – Please click here to be taken to their website

Local Suppliers (for items without a logo).

All clothing and footwear MUST be clearly labelled with your child’s name. All pupils must bring a coat/jacket/waterproof to school everyday as the weather is very changeable. 

In the summer please apply long lasting sun protection before school, school staff are unable to apply sun protection to pupils during school hours. A sun hat/cap should also be brought to school during the summer months.