Curriculum Planning

Our Curriculum is led by  Miss Hodges.

Teaching teams work together to create exciting learning opportunities for the children. Each theme starts with a launch to engage the children in their learning and ends with a landing, a time to bring all the new learning together. Long Term Plans ensure that all areas of the National Curriculum are covered and that there is the appropriate progression of skills throughout the school.

Click on the links below to access the long term plans for the different areas in school. Further information on what children are covering each term is also available on the learning letters, sent out every half term.

Year 5/6 Long Term Plan

Year 3/4 Long Term Plan

Year 1/2 Long Term Plan

For Nursery and Reception visit our EYFS Page

Our plans are underpinned by a series of documents showing a progression of the skills and knowledge taught and we are currently developing vocabulary banks for each subject too.

Do visit our Assessment page for further information.