Subject leader: Mrs Parker (Based at Middleton Tyas)

supported by Mrs James (Based at Eppleby Forcett) and Miss Grainger and Miss Hodges (Based at Richmond)

At Trinity Academy Richmond, we understand the importance of confident speaking, listening, reading and writing. Our aim is to encourage children to communicate effectively with others through speaking and writing and to learn and develop the skills they need for this. We want them to be passionate about reading, being able to read for enjoyment and to use the skills to help them learn.

To support these aims, we provide a rich language environment and teach English through a programme which is well planned to meet the needs of all the children. We aim to make the teaching and learning of English exciting and purposeful.

Phonics/Early Reading

At Trinity Academy Richmond our chosen phonics programme is Letters and Sounds. Using this programme, we ensure that we have a systematic, consistent implementation of phonics. Daily phonics lessons in EYFS and KS1 ensure that children use appropriate strategies to decode, blend segment and read for meaning.

From the first day in September, our Reception pupils take home picture books in order to establish a habit of reading and sharing stories. To ensure our children make a strong start in phonics, they begin Phase 2 of the Letters and Sounds programme within the first week of the new academic year. Once children have begun accessing Phase 2 of the Letters and Sounds programme, they begin to take home decodable phonics books to support the development of their fluency, understanding and expression; often referred to as decoding, comprehension and prosody. It is intended that these books will be read and re-read to master these vital skills.

Ways to help at home

Your child will bring home books carefully matched to their phonic understanding. They will be changed up to twice a week in order to encourage accelerated progression whilst giving pupils the opportunity to read, and reread, for fluency and understanding. Our aim is for children to read the same book 3 times at home following the same procedures as in school.

If you have any questions at all about your child’s reading, do not hesitate to ask your class teacher.

Trinity Academy Richmond Phonics Glossary

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