Creative Arts

At Trinity Academy Richmond children are encouraged to develop their creativity and imagination through Art and design. We believe that Art and Design is a key form of communication for children and one that can be accessed through cross curricular methods. We provide children with the opportunities to explore the world at first hand. Giving them real experiences of actual things they can see, hear, touch and feel. Our aim is for children to become confident in using tools and materials to express their emotions.

Our aim in DT is for our children to produce practical solutions to real problems, through a creative curriculum.

In KS1 DT activities enable children to talk about how things work, and to draw and model their ideas. In KS2, teachers build on these skills by exploring attitudes towards the changing world and how we live and work within it and seek to develop an understanding of technological processes, products and their contribution to our society.

Music plays an important role in school life, whether it is being listened to, moved to, or performed. All the children take part in musical activities within school as part of the curriculum. They also enjoy the opportunity to join in musical experiences through extra-curricular activities, such as The Wensleydale Tournament of Song or Christmas Concerts. In addition, the County Music Service provides instrumental tuition, for which there is a charge.

We are delighted to be fully open for all of our children. Do visit our Coronavirus page for the latest information on keeping safe during the pandemic.