Creative Arts

We are proud of our Silver Artsmark accreditation, which reflects the creative approach to our curriculum. We always aim to ‘land’ our topics by presenting learning to our school community in creative ways, whether through song, dance, art, drama or public speaking.


Subject Leader: Mrs Foxwell

Music skills are developed across all age groups from EYFS to Year 6. The children are encouraged to compose, listen, discuss and perform with a variety of audiences in mind. They learn to appreciate music of different styles, cultures and times, and to use their voices and a range of instruments as expressive media.

We believe a love of and appreciation of music gained in childhood lasts a lifetime and that making music with others is a social, joyful and spiritual experience. We therefore, encourage children to understand and create music but above all, to find enjoyment within this particular curriculum area. Whole school singing takes place regularly during collective worships and church services throughout the year.

Children are encouraged to express themselves in creative ways. Drama workshops are often used to support work in Literacy. Our school productions are memorable moments of the school year. Each year group has the opportunity to perform in these with: Nativities in EYFS and KS1 and the summer musical for Years 5 and 6.

Art and DT

Subject Leader: Mrs Foxwell

All children are encouraged to draw and paint, and to create three-dimensional work using a variety of media and stimuli. An appreciation of the work of famous artists in different periods of history, the art of other cultures and the exploration of the immediate environment is encouraged, as is the development of the children’s own expressive ideas.

Our wonderful work is displayed in classrooms and areas around our schools.