Forest School and Outdoor Learning

Subject leader: Mrs Young

At Trinity Academy Richmond we are extremely fortunate to have a wealth of outdoor space, some of which is landscaped and some of which is assigned as natural areas. As a school, we are committed to developing our use of these spaces as learning landscapes and for a positive impact on our local environment and biodiversity.

Across our curriculum, staff maximise opportunities for children to learn outside. Outdoor learning can be embraced in any curriculum subject; from counting natural objects or learning about angles and direction in maths, to writing, art and music inspired by our natural environment. We believe that children enjoy learning outside and that this has a positive impact on their learning and their mental health and well-being.

Forest School sessions are provided by Mrs Young, a trained Forest School Leader. Forest School sessions follow a set of principles which encourage children to take an active role in determining the direction of their learning. Holistic skills and elements, such as communication, resilience, risk management, respect for the natural world and problem solving are central to all sessions. In addition, children are given the opportunity to develop practical outdoor skills, such as tying knots or building a shelter and creative skills, such as art and craft with natural materials.

We endeavour to provide children at Trinity Academy Richmond with a series of Forest School sessions during their time at school, to allow them to appreciate the changing seasons and develop an understanding of the flora and fauna of the site. More information about Forest School at Trinity Academy Richmond can be found in our Forest School policy.