Health and Wellbeing


Our aim for PE is to encourage children to be physically active both in and out of school. We believe that through PE, children develop flexibility, coordination and strength as well as learning to work together as a team. We give all children the opportunity to try sports such as athletics, gymnastics, dance, cricket, rounders, tag rugby, football and orienteering.

Since September 2016 we are the first school in North Yorkshire to be accepted as a Primary Partnership School with Middlesbrough Football Club (MFC) Foundation, who come into school on a weekly basis working with the staff and children to help raise aspirations through education, sport and health.  We also work closely with Richmond Leisure Centre for swimming and Richmond School for enhanced PE coaching. We endeavour to make sport an enjoyable and positive experience for children and we encourage safe practice in every sport.

In addition to this, the school offers a broad range of after school clubs and participates in several competitions throughout the Swaledale Cluster for example, football, rounders, cricket, netball, hockey, athletics and multi skills.


To support us in developing the whole child, our PSHE curriculum follows the Chris Quigley Essential Skills, also known as our Secrets of Success. These are:

  • To try new things
  • To work hard
  • To concentrate
  • To push oneself
  • To imagine
  • To improve
  • To understand others
  • To not give up

These eight skills are rotated through a whole school two year rolling programme and progression within the skills are self-assessed by the children themselves. The aim of this is to give the children ownership and deepen their understanding of the skills.

In addition to this, every two years Year 5 and 6 also include SRE (Sex and Relationship Education) into the curriculum to empower children with the relevant knowledge required for their age. This is seen as an important aspect of safeguarding children, however parents do have the right to remove their child from such lessons if they see fit to do so.

We encourage children to discuss and manage their feelings throughout the school. In turn this encourages our children to become determined, well informed, independent citizens, who are able to work together, which we believe is a great start to an important lifelong skill.

We are delighted to be fully open for all of our children. Do visit our Coronavirus page for the latest information on keeping safe during the pandemic.