RE (Religious Education)

Through their work in RE children explore, analyse and reflect on a range of religious and non-religious responses to basic human questions of meaning and purpose. RE can help children to know about and understand the religious beliefs, values, experiences, practices and traditions by which people live and make sense of their shared human experience. It also enables children to examine and draw upon their own experience through reflection and response.

Religious Education will be taught in a way that engages pupils in a variety of activities appropriate to their age, ability and previous experience. Wherever possible the children will have the opportunity to learn through exploring and experiencing places of worship, meeting and talking to visitors, handling religious artefacts, painting and writings, and through research. Children are given the opportunity to reflect on religion through exploring and expressing personal values, experiencing stillness, evaluating their experiences and discoveries, expressing their ideas with confidence and sensitivity and developing appropriate responses when encountering other people’s beliefs. Children record their learning and experiences in a variety of ways, such as through drama, art, music or in writing.

At Trinity Academy Richmond we are very proud of our Church School foundation. We have many links with the church community both in Richmond itself and further afield in the Diocese of Leeds and we all enjoy the many benefits that the children can gain from these links.

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Our promotion of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural understanding, underpins everything that we strive to achieve. Our Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools (SIAS) report recognised the strong emphasis the school has on Christian values, This means that our school is distinctively recognisable as a Church School. The extremely positive relationship between the school and the church facilitates a consistent and aspirational Christian vision for the school which enhances pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

We are delighted to be fully open for all of our children. Do visit our Coronavirus page for the latest information on keeping safe during the pandemic.